organdoom replied to your post: teeny-weeny quick psa;

wha t. did someone say, underworld……..

yeeeeeh~ I have an (AU) Selene blog. uwu

teeny-weeny quick psa;

I’m certainly going to make an effort to be on this evening, though fair warning! I’m attempting to also revamp (badum-tssss) my Underworld blog. A quick run-through of the week is in order for anyone curious or who just wants/needs to know.

  • I should have my new laptop this evening or tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow I will leave to stay at my grandmothers’.
  • Thursday I am photographing senior portraits for an old friend.
  • Friday I have oral surgery (it got pushed back & was supposed to be this Thursday — mom got confused — but due to the photoshoot it’s pushed again!).

Your patience and kindness is much appreciated! Hope you’re all doing well. Skype and number (as well as kik) for texting purposes are available upon request! Stay safe and awesome~ c:

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"You are becoming a snake tomorrow, and as you start to DEVOUR people with that mouth that has devoured others, you cry your love to me. And the same today, I do wonder, will I be able to say my L O V E to you?”

Canon/OC and out of fandom friendly 

Single line, multi-para, and novella rps 

Open for any time in canon and alternate universes. 

Seven years of experience with roleplaying

Blog is subject to have nsfw interactions.

My ask box is open for any plots, starters and greeting posts are welcome! 

Skype available upon request to mutuals.
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Happy Munday, I suppose! Happy any day, really. I’m probably heading to bed soon, and things should have calmed down this week —— however I’ll take the chance to say they won’t. I’ll still try to be on more now, but I have a busy schedule. Good news though, I’ll have my new laptop hopefully on Tuesday and I’m starting to get things for my Navi cosplay for Richmond Comicon! c:

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cxduceus ;  
rolls in and KISSES UR FACE but no, it was all a ruse. screeching ensues and the vice captain is now all alone. Alone and afraid. As you should be. The skeletons are coming. THERE ARE NO SURVIVORS.

      The spontaneity of such affections rendered
         the lieutenant speechless. Hands flailed mildly but fingers grasped at air.
         Mitsuru had already v a n i s h e d  from the scene —— the trademark
         screeching being enough to bring Rangiku to her senses. Of course!
        But what the heck was that?!
Swift fingers slid the door shut & moved
        a chair before it. No more surprise visits! No more screeching!